About Me

Hey, I’m Josh. Raised a Brummie (naturally, therefore, a Man Utd fan). Whilst studying at the London School of Economics, I held founder, sales and marketing roles at a couple of start-ups. 

Post studies, I took my first step on the corporate ladder with various sales and sales leadership roles at Gartner.  During this period, I was exposed to A LOT of conversations with business owners and leaders where I become curious why you could take two companies; one shoots to the moon and the other dies a painful death.

The conclusion I came to was that it’s all about the PEOPLE. An engaged, high-performing team resulted in fantastic results. Yet, this contrasted with the leaders’ priorities who wanted to talk about product and sales… never people. This inspired me to start out on a journey to discover how businesses can best engage, enable, and equip their employees to produce high-performance results, and I plan to document each and every finding along the way!

What I Do #1

The 10X Manager community is a community of managers and leaders who desire to accelerate their development to outperform their counterparts, impact the happiness and development of their staff, and ultimately make their business grow faster. There is no simple blueprint to great leadership, but TOGETHER, we can accelerate each other’s journey to high performance.  Sign up for free to join the community!

What I Do #2

GainBase is an Employee Experience Suite of software tools that help companies engage, retain and maximise the productivity of their staff by creating a great environment to work. Our tools include a localised perk platform, pulse surveys, 360 feedback, social recognition and reward, core HR, and learning and development.